Here are answers to frequently asked questions or problems for Brunner-Anliker vegetables cutting machines:

Your anliker vegetable cutting machine is not working:
Check the plug’s function by connecting a different device. Check the microfuse. The fuse protects the circuit amplifier from any voltage surges or severe fluctuations. This is located below the machine next to the cable outlet. If the machine continues to malfunction, please contact a technician or the Brunner‐Anliker customer Service.

Nothing goes in ‐ nothing comes out. Switch off the vegetable cutting machine, dismante and clean.

Hopper head refuses to close:
When using PG and BR cutting discs, the opper head may no longer close as the tappet / pin is placed on the disc directly underneath the driver. Open the hopper head and slightly rotate the disc. You should now be able to close the hopper head.

Cutting insert W cannot be removed:
The bayonet lock was not unlocked correctly. Rotate and hold the cube blade carefully in anti‐clockwise direction so that the bayonet lock is unlocked and both parts can be simultaneously lifted out from below.

BR cutting blade ‐ only results in strips:
If the BR cutting blade only results in strips, ensure that the rotating filing neck and rotating pusher are in place. These steps cannot be performed in the larger, kidney-shaped fee opening.

Cutting quality (surface structure) is deteriorating:
If the cutting quality deteriorates, replace the respective disc: If you have to use strong pressure on the pusher during the cutting process, the discs are probably blunt and should be replaced. Call the Brunner‐Anliker service or order them from the web shop.

Cube blade is jammed:
Try to open the bayonet lock by using a rubber mallet to apply light taps to the rear in anti‐clockwise di‐ rection.

The blade strikes the head:
The hub is soiled and the blade is seated incorrectly or the ejector is not inserted.

The cutter bar has broken off:
The cutter bars can break off when they are blunt or were severely knocked by an object. IMPORTANT: If a blade has broken, please look for it. This poses a severe risk of injury for the customer/guest.

The machine cannot be deactivated:
The magnet switch is defective. Please contact a technician or Brunner-Anliker AG.

The machine hums and operates irregularly:
The capacitor is defective. Please contact a technician or Brunner-Anliker AG.

The pusher plate jams:
Clean the pusher bar with soap.

Cleaning the cubing-grid:
After processing, the square interim spaces of the cubing‐grid are filled with vegetables or fruits. To remove the residual, we recommend the following pro edure. Soft matter in the cubing‐grid. Soft vegetables and fruits such as tomato, paprika, pears, kiwi banana, mango, avocado etc. can be e sily removed from the rear with the help of a brush and clear water.Hard matter in the cubing‐grid. Hold the cubing grid into the combi-steam at 90°C for 10 minutes, so that the residue matter is cooked. Then simply brush out the vegetable matter (under running water) using a brush.