Cutting technology

Brunner-Anliker is famed for its manufacturing of knives and blades. The unique, long-lasting sharp cut is the result of a combination of high-quality knife steel, high-precision machining and years of experience in hand grinding the blades. For over 50 years, Brunner-Anliker has set trends in cutting technology and has regularly expanded its product range.

The drawing cut
The unique geometry of the drawing cut damages the product surface less compared to conventional cutting discs. This means that important vitamins and nutrients are retained and the vegetables remain demonstrably fresher for longer.

Brunoises, gaufrettes and cubes
For over 50 years, brunoise and gaufrette cuts have been made on machines from Brunner-Anliker – the inventors of this machine cut. The vegetable cutting machines from Brunner-Anliker also cube products precisely and without squeezing them. Tests have shown improved yields of up to 40% when cutting tomatoes and onions compared to machines from competitors.

We manufacture our grating plates ourselves. The raised grating holes are formed, ground and stamped (which smooths the ground grating edges), thus making them incredibly sharp.

Blade geometry
The secret behind the durability of our blades can be found in their geometry and cutting angle. The cutting angle can only be produced by experienced blade grinders in a process lasting several steps. This means that Brunner-Anliker blades have a cutting quality that lasts five times longer than normal.

Blade quality

We use forged surgical stainless steel to produce our blades. The blade is first ground, then brushed and polished before being finished with a leather strop. After this process, there are no longer any discernible grinding marks. As a result, the fruit and vegetable fibres do not get caught on the smooth surface and the products are not squeezed by subsequent cuts.