Drawing cut

The secret behind the success of Brunner-Anliker cutting machines can be found in the technology behind the “drawing cut”.

This method recreates the drawing geometry seen when slicing manually. Specially designed blades and matching blade discs cut the product as if by hand – in succession, gently and without using much force. In contrast to cutting machines from other manufacturers, the extremely thin, high-precision, hand-ground blades prevent heavy impacts on the cut products. In addition to the cutting geometry of these razor-sharp blades, the quality of the disc material also plays a role in this gentle cutting method.

The unique geometry of the drawing cut pays off in two ways for users of Brunner-Anliker machines:

  • The drawing cut prevents the unnecessary loss of nutrients and vitamins as the cell structure of even the most delicate fruits and vegetables is barely affected thanks to this biotechnological method.
  • This gentle method of slicing raw foodstuffs also helps them to stay fresher for longer with an increased shelf life.
  • In contrast to other technologies, the products are also not squeezed, meaning they retain their attractive appearance.

The driving force behind the drawing cut is the motor on the cutting machine, which ensures a uniform, powerful rotation of the cutting discs. These discs are kept in motion by a positive-motion drive – i.e. a helical-toothed direct drive – and thus by gear wheels that mesh with each other in a planetary system. This results in a ninefold gear reduction and an increase in motor torque to 1300 newtons. The result is a uniform and thus gentle cutting and chopping of the product – something which has been evident for more than 50 years!y text